I am a final-year PhD Student at Visual Informatics Group at Texas A&M University, working with Prof. Zhangyang Wang. I received my bachelor's degree from Tongji University.

My research interests lie in the intersection of computer vision and machine learning. In particular, I am interested in enabling efficient machine learning in a broad spectrum of computer vision problems, which includes:

(i) Multimodal Understanding (Modality-agnostic Multimodal Pre-training, Multimodal Fusion)
(ii) Neural Network Design (Neural Architecture Search, Neural Network Compression)
(iii) Computational Photography (Image/ Video Deblurring, Denoising)

Email: sandboxmaster [at] tamu (dot) edu
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I'll be joining Google Research NYC starting Summer 2023.


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Research Topics: Multi-Modal Understanding / Efficient Neural Networks / Image Restoration / Visual Saliency / Biometrics


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* Cartoon portrait credit to Shuai Yang

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